Custom User-Defined Model Selection Screen

Edit model: The software will default to a certain type of model, depending on the type of design being created. A higher order model will require a larger design; more internal candidate points will be selected. For more information, see the help topic for the Edit model button.

Blocks: allows the design to be separated into blocks. No runs are added to user-defined designs.

Candidate Points: One tab for each part of the design is presented. The internal candidate set is used unless an custom candidate set is read.

Read list: This is an advanced option used to read in a candidate point list (perhaps defined from another User Defined or Historical design). All points in the candidate set are used in the design.

Write list: After clicking Calculate Points the write list button will become active. Clicking Write list will create a candidate set file taking into account any constraints added on the previous screen.

Reset: Clears a read in candidate set and goes back to using the internal candidate set to create the design.