Making Output Look Nice

Formatting Data

There are global preferences that set the default number of decimal places. These are accessed by going to Edit => Preferences and opening the Math Preferences. Under Math Display, there are options to change the number of significant digits that are displayed.

For the design layout, local format controls are found on the Design Properties tool. This control can be used to over-ride the significant digits and format for each column rather than using the global defaults.

Graph Preferences can be set globally under Edit => Preferences or by right-clicking in the graph area to access the Graphs, Colors, and Font Preferences pages.

Display problems - lines breaking on reports

If the text on a report is breaking up, use the “maximize” icon on the top right corner of the screen.

There may be problems if the resolution of the monitor is set at 640 x 480 or if Windows is set up to use “large” fonts and the monitor resolution is 800 x 600. There are two solutions:

Change to a higher resolution monitor setting.

Change the Windows display to “small” fonts.