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Design-Expert (DX) has been instrumental in increasing our productivity by x20 in the past month with one of our more troublesome products! So happy is somewhat of an understatement… DX is a pleasure to work with, helpful and very user friendly. Rather than having to go through the long training protocols of other programs, I have been able to just “drop” people into using DX and they have very quickly been able to build, interrogate and get decent results from the software in a matter of hours, not days.

—Paul Shortland, Research Associate, Sekisui Diagnostics (UK) Ltd

I've used several statistical packages in the past and I find Design-Expert to be the best DOE software I've ever used. It is thorough, flexible, easy to use and it guides you through the interpretation of results.

—Stephen P Maggio, Quality Director, Onyx Specialty Papers, Inc.

I absolutely love Design-Expert. It's my go-to statistical software not only for designing experiments, but also for analyzing data that was not necessarily generated from a formal DOE.

—Michel Laurent, Scientist, Rush University Medical Center

In my opinion, among all the software available for DOE, Design-Expert is the most friendly and complete package; I am a big fan of it.

—Márcia Cristina Breitkreitz, Professor, State University of Campinas, Brazil

We were able to design, run, and analyze a few real experiments in a short amount of time. I will continue to use and promote your software as being 'best of breed' for DOE.

—John Snider, Staff Systems Engineer, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

The software is so user friendly that even a non-statistician can work through it.

—Mahesh Aithal, R&D Scientist, Biocon Research Limited

Design-Expert is, in my opinion, best in class. It is extremely easy to use, has great annotations in the analysis to help with interpretation of results, and the graphics are top-notch. This is the only software I would recommend for DOE.

—Bob Solimeno, Sr. Scientist, Collins Ink Corporation

I have found this one of the easiest and user intuitive programs that I have ever used. The learning curve was very short and before I knew it, I was using the program with confidence. What more can I say. I realize that I have not used the program to its fullest extent, however, I am able to use it as a valuable tool and will recommend it to our company as a standard tool.

—Gary Sutton, Senior Project Engineer, Globe Motors

I have always been a fan of Stat-Ease and the Design-Expert software. You consistently provide a high-level statistics and graphics program and still make it easy to use. Excellent! I would recommend this to anyone performing designed experiments for product development, process development or even failure analysis.

—Jenifer Marchesi, Ph.D., Consultant, Chemistry & Polymers, Altran Solutions

THANK YOU... I love this software. It makes DOE such an easy tool to use. DOE is So very powerful, I look like a GENIUS to my co-workers. They have been trying to solve this for over a year. It is simple with DOE.

—Senior Quality Engineer, Grand Rapids, MI

No doubt that Design Expert is an excellent piece of software but above all I feel that your speedy replies to technical problems, online support materials, the Stat-Ease newsletter and training are the backbone to it! Your books on DOE and RSM Simplified and the training courses in Minneapolis really helped me in understanding the core techniques of experimental design. I loved the side bars in your books, your training materials, and of course the videos during breaks in the training session in Minneapolis. Thank you once again for all your help and support.

—Mahesh Shivhare, The University of Newcastle

The software has worked wonderfully in our hands. I have found it easy to use and the support (both through the Help menus and personal support from Stat-Ease) to be instrumental in building my confidence with the program and DOE.

—David Cirelli, Wyeth BioPharma

Thanks again for your continued effort to serve your customers with a great overall design of experiments package. This package includes great: software, technical support, publicity support, statistical consulting help, web site resources, courses, and now webinars.

—Arved Harding, Statistician, Eastman Chemical Company

I recently used Design-Expert for a mixture design for 14 ingredients, which worked absolutely brilliantly. I had a trainee do the testing and come up with a beautiful-tasting result for a very difficult nutritional product, where all the standard industry knowledge did not work. I was most impressed and it again proved to me how powerful DOE is.

—Anny Dentener, Adecron Food Tech Consulting, New Zealand, March 2007

Design-Expert software has allowed me to quickly implement DOE into my daily development work. DOE is no longer the unmanageable and confusing task it once was. With each step in the analysis the software provides a written description of the statistical result, so I do not have to grab a statistics book off the shelf to remind myself.

—Kim Paulsen, Ph.D., Scientist III, DiaSorin Inc. (Minnesota)

Your product is the best—especially for users not well acquainted with statistical methods. The manual is outstanding, also. Again, it is written to appeal to a diverse audience.

—R. David Pace, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Lyon College (Arkansas)

Far superior to anything else that is on the market.

—Douglas Montgomery, Ph.D., Author of Design and Analysis of Experiments and co-author of Response Surface Methodology

If you continue at your present pace and we in the Manufacturing & Service industries don't repeat the response to Deming after WWII, I believe your contributions to improving quality and productivity in the U.S. through the increased use of DOE--as a direct result of your training and software--will be among the most significant in the early 21st Century.

—Roger Gremling, Zimmer Incorporated (Indiana)


—Kirk Frisch, Independent Consultant (New York)

Outstanding. Software rating (top in its class)

—Dr. Jack Reece (Reviewer for the Handbook of Statistics: Statistics in Industry)

This is the easiest to use, the most complete and aesthetically pleasing DOE program when compared to all the others I have seen. The robust capabilities are not available anywhere [else]. The combined process/mixture designs make Design-Expert the state-of-the art program that will be the benchmark for all other DOE programs.

—Kenneth Chatto, Consultant (South Carolina)

Design-Expert is an excellent program. It really makes design of experiments easy as well as effective.

—Zhenzhong Zhang, Research Materials Scientist, Thiele Kaolin Co. (Georgia)

"Design-Expert revolutionized my product development. It's hard to imagine living without them."

—Simon Dennington, Polymer Lab Manager, Borregard Industries (Norway)

Commitment to customer satisfaction/support sets Stat-Ease above other statistics software manufacturers.

—Brian Hall, Senior Process Technician, Medtronic

It's not often that software comes along that has the ability to contribute as much as yours has to our business.

—Mike Gray, Senior Development Engineer, Advanced Gage & Tool

We've saved literally $100,000's with your software. Rework has been eliminated, & quality substantially increased.

—Joe Collins, Process Engineer, Sola/Barnes-Hind

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