Miscellaneous Designs

This area includes the 3-level factorial designs, the special case Hybrid designs and for two-factors there are the Pentagonal and Hexagonal designs. Read the screen notes for more information.


These designs are not recommended for general use because of their limitations, number of runs and/or poor properties that can be eliminated, lowered, or surpassed by other response surface designs.

Numeric Factors: How many continuous numeric factors are involved in the experiment?

Categoric Factors: How may discrete or categoric factors are involved in the experiment?


For these designs the number of runs required for the numeric factors will be multiplied by the number of categoric combinations. If two categoric factors having three levels each are added to these designs the number of runs will be multiplied by nine. Consider optimal designs when you have both numeric and categoric factors.

The number of blocks available for three-level factors designs depends on the number of factors. If you need blocks in your design and the 3-level factorial design cannot do what you need, switch to an optimal design.