User-Defined Model Selection Screen

Edit model: The model specified is used to pre-select the candidate points to be included in the design for continuous factors. Changing the model will change the candidate set, but changing the candidate set will not change the model. The model is ignored if all the factors are discrete.

Blocks: allows the design to be separated into blocks. Adding blocks will force a block effect to be estimated on the ANOVA output.

Candidate Points: This section defines the point types to be included in the design if continuous variables are being used. If you click on the Calculate Points button, the number of design points is calculated. You do not have to click on this button to create a design.

Read list: This is an advanced option used to read in a candidate point list (perhaps defined from an earlier User Defined or Historical design). All points in the candidate set will be transferred to the design.

Write list: Clicking Write list will create a candidate file containing all the selected candidate points less any point not meeting the constraints entered on the previous screen.