Fonts and Colors


It is not recommended to change fonts, or sizes as many areas of the software have been formatted only to accommodate the default . Make sure changes do not have a detrimental impact on the output.

The left side of the dialog box controls the font type and size.

The right side controls the colors.


Select the type of text in the list below and then modify the typeface and size used by changing the pull downs.

Spreadsheet Font

Text on the design layout screen and all reports (including Fit Summary, ANOVA, and Evaluation)

Model Editor Font

Text on the Model dialog.

Dialog Control Font

Text on the left-side legend, text on many screens (except reports),labels in tool bars, etc.

Graph Flag Font

Text on labels added to graphs.

Graph Contour Font

Labels appearing over the contour lines

Graph Label Font

The X-axis and Y-axis labels

Graph Axes Font

Numbers associated with the tick marks.

Graph Legend Font

Text in the legend in the upper left of each graph.

Graph Title Font

Overall title of the graph.

Graph Refline Font

Reference line labels.


Select the type of color in the list below, then click on Edit Color… to change it.


Non-highlighted contour lines

Contour background

Color of graph area when Plain Background is selected for Contour Graph Shading; Graphical OptimizationSolutions on Contour Plot.

Outside prediction

Color of the graph area on graphical optimization that is outside the criteria for at least one response

Outside interval

Color of the graph area on graphical optimization that is outside the interval bound for at least one response.

3D Contour Background

Color of the base of the 3D plot.

Highlighted Line

Applies to Contour, Trace, Perturbation plots. Clicking on a line in these graphs will highlight it to make it easy to see.

Point Group

Diagnostics and Graph Columns scatter plot points when Color by is set to None.

Highlighted Point

Color for the displayed for runs that have had their status set to highlighted.

Design Point

When points are displayed on the graphs they appear as circles in this color.

Subsurface tint

The color blended with other point colors to indicate it’s below model surface On 3D graphs. RGB settings are averaged.

Ignored design point

The color used for ignored point if they are displayed

Missing design point

The color used for missing points if they are displayed

Verification point

The color used for points set to be verification points

Term in Model

On the half-normal, normal, and pareto selection plots the color of the interior for terms that have been selected for the model.

Positive Effect

On the half-normal, normal, and pareto selection plots the color for positive sloped effects.

Negative Effect

On the half-normal, normal, and pareto selection plots the color for negative sloped effects.

Outside Constraints

On contour graphs the area outside the bounds set by any constraints.

Highlighted Text

Color of the optional annotation displayed on the various reports and of the Design layout where the row status set to Highlighted.

Low, Middle and High Shading

Color applied to contour and 3D plots depending on where in the legend range the predicted value is at each point in the design space.

Low and Highgrid shading

Colors indicating correlation direction and magnitude. High is +1 correlation, Low is -1. Correlation approaching 0 becomes white.

Grid Lines

The color applied to visible grid lines.

Bar Graph Background

The color of the graph area for Numerical Optimizations Solutions Bar Graph.

CatalogTab, Accent, Shadow

The display colors for the tabs when a new design is created (Factorial, Response Surface, Mixture, and Combined).

Bonferroni Line

On the Pareto chart the color for the Bonferroni corrected significance cutoff.

t-Value Line

On the Pareto chart the color for the individual significance cutoff.

FDS line

The default color for the FDS curve

Vertical FDS Line

Under the Evaluation Node Graphs button, the line representing the Fraction of Design Space.

Horizontal FDS Line

Under the Evaluation Node Graphs button, the line representing the standard error estimate.

Rotatable Line

Fitted line guide on Half-Normal / Normal in Effects and Normal Plot of Residuals in Diagnostics. Can rotate around anchor point.


The soft influence limits on the DFFITS and DFBETAS.

Diagnostic Limits

The hard limits on the other diagnostic plots.

P-valuePoor, Fair, Good, Excellent

Color to visually offset different levels of significance on the Coeffcients Table under Post Analysis.

Highlight Cell

Selected cell’s background color on reports. Row and column headercolors are blended with this color to provide a visual cue.

Ignored Column Cell

The color given to the cells when the column is ignored.

Confidence, Prediction, and Tolerance Bands

The color for the interval bands on plots with numeric factors.

Solid Shading Color

The color the entire surface will have if the Solid Shading option is chosen.

Flag border

The color for the border and connection lines of flags added to plots.

Default buttons: Reset fonts and sizes on the left and the colors on the right.

Color filter transparency: Changes the opacity of the Highlight Cell color that fills the cell background. 13% is default. Lower is lighter, higher is darker.

Show icons on buttons: Small high-resolution monitors can benefit from a combination of increasing the dialog control font size and unchecking this box. This will allow more of the bigger text to be displayed within the buttons.