Data Files

Default document name: Set a custom “save as” name.

Data: Left blank, the default is the directory where the program is stored. Use this to specify your own working directory.

Help: If you need to store the *.chm files in a different directory use this to find them. The default loading file is called master.chm.

Tutorials: If you have access to the internet and this field is blank, then clicking the Help menu and selecting the Tutorials options will connect you to the Stat-Ease, Inc. tutorials website. Enter the path to the downloaded tutorials if they have been copied to your computer or network.

Generate DTDs: If XML files are your primary interface, having the DTD can enhance the parsing of XML files.

Maximum files in Most Recently Used list: The number of file names that can appear on the opening screen and in the File menu.

Click the Defaults button to return to the original installed settings for this screen.