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Show design points on graph including: The top box will turn on the design points on every model graph. The other check boxes will add the points with alternate statues to the model graphs and diagnostic plots.

Show Units: Turn on to include the units of measure on the model graphs.

Show warnings on graph: Turn on to show warnings about interpretation and exceeding display limits on the model and diagnostic graphs.

Animate on drag: When turned on, redraws the plot continuously as the factors tool is changed. Turning this off reduces the demands on the computer.

Display vertical axis horizontally on 2D graphs: Rotate X axis labels 90 degrees so more of them can be shown.

Prediction Error: Display in either Standard Error or Variance scale.

Chromatic shading: Tri-color is the default, causing the graph colorization to filter through three colors (which can be specified on the Fonts & Colors tab.) Two-color and single-color options may also be used.

Draw lines on graphs: Change this option depending on your printer. Some printers work better with this set to Thin lines, and others work better with it on Medium lines. The appearance on screen may or may not be visible, depending on the resolution of your monitor. Also changes the thickness of the mesh lines on 3D plots.

Draw dotted lines as: Changes the appearance of the categoric lines. (Numeric lines will always be solid.)

Use custom image export size: This is used to allow better control of exported graph images. Use a 4:3 ratio when the legend is on and a 1:1 ratio when the legend is off to maintain a square plot area.

Export Transparent Background: Turn this option off if you want the exported image to cover other objects in applications such as Power Point™ . Leaving this object on makes the exported image “see through”.

Click the Defaults button to return to the original installed settings for this screen.