Contour Plot

The contour plot is a two-dimensional (2D) representation of the response plotted against combinations of numeric factors and/or mixture components. It can show the relationship between the responses, mixture components and/or numeric factors.

For a more general set of graph tools see Model Graphs - General Information

Set Contour Values

By default the contours are set to rounded values within the range displayed.

Drag the contours with your mouse to the desired value.

Right-click on the contours to manually set their values.

Set all contours by right-clicking on the graph and choosing Graph Preferences and the Contours node. Click the Help button on the dialog box for more details.

Right-click anywhere on the plot to add a flag to show details about the prediction.


There are three zoom modes: box zoom, ctrl+double-click and wheel zoom.

For box zoom, drag a box around the area of the plot you wish to zoom in on. When the mouse button is released the box will expand to fill the plot area, (zoom in only).

Holding down the Ctrl key and double-clicking will re-center at the click location and zoom in a bit. Ctrl+Shift + double-click will completely unzoom the graph.

For wheel zoom, roll the mouse button back to pull the point of view farther above the surface (zoom out). Roll the mouse wheel forward to move the point of view closer to the surface (zoom in). The plot will re-center based on where the mouse pointer is located.