All Factors Plots

A one factor plot is produced for each factor and arranged in a grid. Each plot shows a cross hair that is located at the settings shown on the Factor’s Tool.

For a more general set of graph tools see Model Graphs - General Information

For factorial analysis, the I-beams around the predictions are the result of least significant difference (LSD) calculations. The LSD I-beams are approximate tests to check if the predictions at the displayed factor combinations are significantly different. Click on a prediction symbol to draw the graphs with individual LSD bars for pairwise comparisons. Click any where else on the graph to bring back the I-beams.

By default Stat-Ease will display a warning on one factor plots for factors involved in interactions. When there is an interaction, the factor’s effect depends upon the settings of other factors. Interactions are revealed when multiple one factor plots change even though only a single factor’s setting is changed on the Factor’s Tool.