Edit Model

This dialog allows changes to be made to the design model. The drop down menus allow whole orders to be selected. Individual terms can be manually added or removed from the design model by double-clicking them in the list. There is also an Add Term box where a term can be typed rather than finding it in the list.

If the drop down menu shows Modified then a full-order model has been customized by adding and/or removing some terms.

Response surface models are limited to a sixth-order polynomial. Factorial models can go up to ten-factor interactions for two-level designs, and the five-factor interactions for multilevel categoric designs.

Combined designs have combined mixture-process models. As with response surface models, the combined limit is sixth-order. The individual model limits for mix 1, mix 2, and process factors depends on the number of components and factors under study.

Combined design models can be limited by restricting the combined order limit to be lower than sixth order.

The Add Term button and entry box allows higher-order and non-standard polynomial terms to be added to the design model.