Design Views

There are two ways to view the design.


Design Layout

The design layout screen is the spreadsheet presentation of the design. Design information, components, factors and responses are presented in columns; runs are presented in rows.

Response observations are entered on this screen. Adjustments to the factor settings are also taken care of here.

Right-clicking in individual cells, and row and column headers opens up context menus to manage how the data set is presented and processed.

There is also a Design Properties tool which brings several, commonly used functions out from behind a right-click.

Column Info Sheet

The column info sheet lists factor and response names, units, and low and high levels. All of these can be changed on this table and will modify the design.

User provided standard deviations for the factors are used to compute propagation of error (POE).

The response standard deviations can be filled in from the ANOVA after the data has been analyzed, or manually entered. Manually entered standard deviation is used for computing tolerances, or the analyst believes it is a more realistic estimate of the true noise in the system.

Find this screen by choosing View, Column Info Sheet from the menu or click the button on the View tool.


The pop-out button creates a clone of a table or graph that remains open as other screens for the currently open design are explored.