Full Changelog

23.1.4 released May 28, 2024

  • Fixed a few places where Response names with Unicode characters were not displaying correctly.

  • Fixed a bug where constraints in Mixture designs were not showing coefficients in the Constraints dialog.

23.1.3 released May 2, 2024

  • Fixed a crash when opening the Custom Graphs node.

23.1.2 released April 22, 2024

  • Fixed several issues with Python scripts crashing or timing out if many designs are opened in one session.

  • Fixed an issue where constraints entered as a ratio did not display the correct intercept in the constraints interface.

  • Optimal builds with more Lack of Fit points than eligible candidates will now finish building with the maximum number of Lack of Fit points possible.

  • Commas no longer appear in discrete factor levels in the Factor Info dialog.

  • The equation input now correctly recognizes implicit multiplication when a factor identifier is next to a parenthesis.

23.1.1 released February 2, 2024

  • The limit on the number of factors in Custom Optimal designs has been increased to 75.

  • The Coefficients Table has additional options for hiding blank terms and other formatting options.

  • Changing the preferences for categoric level colors now overwrites the color settings in the Factor Info dialog.

  • Fixed a crash when using Import Data with an empty Block column.

  • Fixed an issue causing Contour plots to draw very slowly.

  • Exporting the Alias Matrix to PowerPoint now works correctly.

  • Fixed a crash building an optimal design with multiple numeric and categoric factors.

23.1 released December 16, 2023

  • Durbin-Watson Statistic - Added the Durbin-Watson statistic to the diagnostics. This is a measure of auto-correlation in the residuals.

  • Fixed unhandled exception when editing the constraints.

  • Removed bold lines that appear when transposing tables in the Point Prediction report.

  • Fixed a crash in Numerical Optimization when a categorical factor is present.

  • Fixed a crash when using the Excel import feature with a file that is not an Excel file.

  • Adding a new graph via the + button in Custom Graphs now works consistently.

  • Fixed a crash in the analysis of Equation-Only responses.

  • Rebuilding a design with discrete factors no longer warns about unique numeric values.

  • The Ramps view in Numerical Optimization now shows the solution correctly when the Logit transform is applied.

23.0 released October 15, 2023

  • Gaussian Process Models for Noisy Responses - Gaussian Process models are now available for responses with noise. Stat-Ease 360 only.

  • Lifetime Analysis with Weibull (Python) - A Python script that can perform lifetime analysis with a Weibull fit is available in the Script dialog. Stat-Ease 360 only.

  • Transpose Tables - Most tables in the software can now be transposed by right-clicking on the top-left header cell.

  • Analysis Summary - Added Lack of Fit and Curvature p-values to the Analysis Summary table.

  • Excel Import/Export - You can now import from, and export to, Excel files in Design-Expert. Previously was Stat-Ease 360 only.