Webinars (Design-Expert Tips)

Presented by: Steve Zagarola on Dec. 12, 2023
Category: Design-Expert Tips

Mejore su habilidad en diseños de experimentos (DOE) con esta herramienta de prueba multifactorial en esta sesión informativa. Una demostración breve demuestra porque DOE es tan efectivo en acelerar R&D (investigación y desarrollo) y optimización de procesos y productos. En este seminario descubrirá como DOE encuentra los factores vitales más importantes y revela interacciones innovadoras.

Presented by: Mark Anderson on Aug. 23, 2023
Category: Design-Expert Tips

This practically focused webinar provides tips and tricks for making the most from every response analysis, particularly for optimization of processes and products (mixture formulations). See how to apply sophisticated selection tools in Stat-Ease software to develop your best-possible predictive model. Gain insights on vital fit statistics such as predicted R-squared. Get a feel for picking from alternative models and when to press ahead to achieve your mission for process and/or product improvement. This talk is a must for all users of Design-Expert® and Stat-Ease® 360.

Presented by: Shari Kraber on Aug. 2, 2023
Category: Design-Expert Tips

Discover what you need to know about the diagnostic plots used to validate an analysis of variance (ANOVA). Learn a little about how these plots are made and more importantly, how to interpret the signals that indicate problems with the analysis. In this webinar, we will explore how careful residual analysis can be key to a successful DOE.

Presented by: Shari Kraber on April 12, 2023
Category: General DOE

Gleaned from 30 years of running and analyzing designed experiments, these are the things that ultimately lead to great learning opportunities from DOE’s, versus dismal failures with wasted time and effort. Novices to experimentation will benefit from this insightful presentation!

Presented by: Shari Kraber on Jan. 11, 2023
Category: Design-Expert Tips

Discover methods for creating experiment designs progressively so that knowledge can be gained steadily via iterative steps. Learn how to augment completed designs that fall short of adequately modeling the critical response(s). This might salvage a great deal of experimental work that would otherwise go for naught.

Presented by: Alice Croguennoc on Dec. 8, 2022
Category: Design-Expert Tips

Renforcez votre savoir-faire sur les Plans d’Expériences (DOE) grâce à ce webinaire sur cet outil de test multifactoriel. Une démonstration rapide vous expliquera pourquoi les DOE sont si efficaces pour booster votre R&D et vous aider à approfondir vos procédés. Découvrez comment les DOE permettent d’identifier vos facteurs critiques et de mettre en lumière les interactions essentielles.

Presented by: Hank Anderson on Sept. 29, 2021
Category: Design-Expert Tips

Learn how Python has been integrated into Stat-Ease 360. This tutorial walks through connecting Python, extracting data from SE360, and some other more complex examples.

Presented by: Patrick Whitcomb on Aug. 18, 2021
Category: Design-Expert Tips

Learn the differing impacts of running repeated samples or measures, versus replicating runs. Knowledge of the sources of variation in the system and the costs of replicating the DOE run and/or repeating the measure can help one decide which is the best option.