Webinars (Design-Expert Tips)

Presented by: Richard Williams on Nov. 22, 2022
Category: Design-Expert Tips

Discover what design of experiments (DOE) can do for you when catalyzed with DX13’s world-class statistical tools. Learn about factorial design, followed by a peek at response surface methods (RSM) for process optimization and lastly, a look into mixture design for optimal formulation.

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Date: Tuesday, November 22, 2022
Time: 10:00am Central US Time

Presented by: Mark Anderson on Feb. 23, 2022
Category: General DOE

Before embarking on expensive experiments, it often pays to mine existing data. It may be gold, or it may be garbage, but why not try? This webinar demonstrates how easily Stat-Ease software imports results so you can then apply its powerful tools for evaluation, analysis and optimization.

Presented by: Hank Anderson on Sept. 29, 2021
Category: Design-Expert Tips

Learn how Python has been integrated into Stat-Ease 360. This tutorial walks through connecting Python, extracting data from SE360, and some other more complex examples.

Presented by: Gregory Hutto on Sept. 28, 2021
Category: Design-Expert Tips

This talk features four examples making use of Design-Expert’s comprehensive design-building facilities to build the desired design while not revealing everything to DX.

Presented by: Patrick Whitcomb on Aug. 18, 2021
Category: Design-Expert Tips

Learn the differing impacts of running repeated samples or measures, versus replicating runs. Knowledge of the sources of variation in the system and the costs of replicating the DOE run and/or repeating the measure can help one decide which is the best option.

Presented by: Martin Bezener on Feb. 17, 2021
Category: Design-Expert Tips

Version 13 of Design-Expert software provides major new tools and wizards that make experimentation more effective and easier than ever. Learn about:

  • Modify Design Space Wizard
  • Poisson Regression
  • Round Columns Tool
  • Multiple Analyses
  • Import Data Wizard